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I always wanted to be a mother. I have had a picture of the kind of mother I would be and all the things I wouldn’t do as a mom since I was in college. There would be three kids, I would have two and adopt one. Then the master dream changer struck and blew it all into thin air. Motherhood was automatically erased from my list when I became aware of the extent of my injuries. I couldn’t dare dream or think of it. However, I am an African woman I cannot choose to remain single or unmarried. It is unacceptable. People wouldn’t stop asking questions and counseling with or without your encouragement. They judge base on what they can see, a beautiful and averagely successful woman without a man. She should be married with two or three children, if she’s not she’s either arrogant, promiscuous or choosy. What…

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Motherhood is a beautiful thing. However, like every beautiful things, it is not without it’s thorns. But combining pregnancy and baby with the challenges of limb loss is the hardest and most beautiful of all.

Hello, welcome to Beautiful Me Ch√Ęteau. Today is my first day here, so if you are reading this today then we are both new, only I’m the hostess (: Since I’m the first in, I’m the welcome party, so welcome to my home. The idea to start this blog was conceived earlier today. I couldn’t sleep, like all the other thoughts whirling in my head, the start-a-new-blog sneaked in too. So, here we are. I am Olufunke. I am an amputee, a mother (the part I love most about me) a writer, a beauty consultant and a tutor. This blog is dedicated to everyone fighting a battle no one knows about, dealing with life challenges, and still manage to keep it together or struggling to rise above them all. The friends and families standing by them. You are thought of and you are loved. Don’t ever stop fighting.

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